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Be A Pioneer and champion for equity.

Start A Conversation Around Race, Gender & Unconscious Bias.

Our Virtual Reality Library & VR Blended Immersive Learning contains everything you need to run an effective L&D workshop using virtual reality. 

Spark conversations about sensitive issues like race, gender and unconscious bias in your organization. Virtual reality is the perfect way to do this.

Our VR Library allows learners to experience unconscious bias first-hand, and deal with difficult conversations.  This package also includes plenty of support materials, so you have everything you need to get up & running quickly.

A Library of Experiences on Bias & discrimination

VR Blended Immersive Learning Ready To Go

equal reality everyday inclusion for oculus quest diveristy inclusion equity intersectionality training in vr Everyday Inclusion

Co-designed with an Ivy League University (lead by Angela Winfeild & Dane Cruz), Everyday Inclusion is a three-part VR blended learning course exploring Unconscious Bias, Inclusion, Microagressions and Intersectionality.

Part 1 - An Overheard Conversation

Explore what it feels like to overhear exclusive behavior by your colleagues. How does it feel when they treat others with in a way that you know is unfair?


Part 2 - The Meeting

Step into Tamaras shoes and navigate dealing with unconscious bias and micro aggressions in a meeting. How does it feel to navigate?

Part 3 - Becoming The Manager

It’s challenging juggling work, expectations from supervisor and trying to support his team. Want to give Victors job a go and see how inclusive you can make this meeting?

Finding Common Ground VR Diversity Inclusion Equity Empathy LGBT+ Training Equal Reality Behavior Practice Finding Common Ground

Co-Designed with a world leading bank, based of real life scenario from an employee. While trying to sign up to a gym member program with their partner, was met with harsh discrimination having wide spreading negative effects for the brand. 

Part 1 - The Partner Program

Experience harsh discrimination while attempting to sign up for a gym membership with your partner. 

Part 2 - Practice Being Proactive

Practice proactively navigate a colleagues difficult beahviour.

Think Ahead, Advance Care planning, MCCI VR Diversity Inclusion Training Health Medical App 2 - Preparation for Planning A Day In The Lifetime
The Breakroom Mayo clinic VR Empathy Training Practice Nursing Virtual Reality Mia Character Health

Co-Designed with Mayo Clinic addressing microaggression and navigation of conversations regarding equality, inclusion, diversity, and racism in the health system, “A Day In The Lifetime” has been piloted with 1,000 nurses with a study coming out early 2023.

The Breakroom Empathy

Experience “A Day In the Lifetime” as Mai in the breakroom confronted with a series of micro-aggression throughout the day.

The Breakroom Practice

Go back into scenarios to talk/ interact as yourself in a bystander situation.

Replayabel designed to deliver value on the users’ 100th time as on their first exposure to the scenario.

The Patient Room Empathy

Experience what it feels like to deal with a racist patient as a nurse at the hospital.

How does it feel to have your skills and qualifications judged based on your race?

The Patient Room Practice

How can you as a bystander make this situation better?

Practice “being comfortable being uncomfortable”. A fire-drill for high stakes social interactions.

Gender And Dsiability Oculus Quest faltscreen Gender & Disability
disability vr training diversity inclusion unconscious bias

Funded by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, exploring unconscious bias around gender & disability. 

Explore what it feels like to be patronized, marginalized and to have assumptions made based on your physical appearance & ability.

Gender Bias

Step into the shoes of Allie, Head of Marketing. Experience gender discrimination with your manager and a client.

How does it feel to be marginalized and face assumptions. How does it feel when your managed brushes past this?

Physical Disability Bias

Step into the shoes of Web Developer, Matt. Experience bias based on your physical ability in a workplace conversation.

How does it feels to be patronized and face assumptions made based on your physical ability. How does it feel when your colleague brush past this?

Make a safe space for difficult conversations

Metaverse Learning

Embed a shared experience into your organization with a networked multiplayer VR experience.

Metaverse classrooms brings everyone together to connect over a shared experience and engage in conversation when feelings are strongest.

Management tools to run users through the an experience at the same time, and facilitate the most important difficult conversations.

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