Case Studies


Over 99% of users understood what discrimination felt like.


96% of users felt prepared to act in the workplace.


780 people trained with 2 headsets.

Feeling Empathy

Bringing feeling back into banking

Partnering with a world leading bank to drive increased empathy and employee engagement


Traditional e-learning is not engaging and has proven ineffective at building empathy and changing perspectives


Using Virtual Reality training, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” to understand what it feels like to experience discrimination first hand.

The Result

Empathy - 99.2% of 161 participants understood and felt what it was like to be treated disrespectfully.

"I felt ...

"I felt ...













Users at Domain, Port Macquarie Hastings Council, King & Wood Mallesons & A World Leading Bank

Motivating Action

Bringing feeling back into banking

Testing the efficacy of VR to increase know-how, promote personal accountability, and create behavior change at one of the world’s leading banks.


Addressing a $1 Billion settlement, a world leading bank set out on a mission to empower employees to take personal responsibility, to question, and to act when they see something that doesn’t seem right.


VR training simulation based on a real lived experience of an employee, allowing you to make value-based decisions and practice taking action in the moment.

The Result

ACTION - 96% felt prepared to act if they were to see this behavior in the workplace.

KNOW-HOW - Over 99% understand the reporting options available to them.

NPS +91


Scaling impact

Embded a culture accross a country

Collaborating with Domain Group and mwah. to scale transformational culture change, countrywide, across a portfolio of brands.


Domain wants to embed inclusion into their culture for over 700 employees across the country - and fast.


A collection of VR experiences designed to promote inclusive leadership and increase awareness of what it feels like to lack privilege and power.

The Result

780 people trained using 2 headsets.

98% Understand their personal role to play in D&I

93% See Domain’s Executive Leadership Team as fully committed to D&I

89% Confident to play a role in ensuring an inclusive culture

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What our Partners are saying

Domain Group

Nic Barry- Digital Learning & Organisational Capability

"I don't think role plays will ever cut it again in this space.
Participants able to empathise and discuss the experiences ... with detail that just wouldn't be possible without actually experiencing it themselves."

Leonie Sanderson

Director - The Aging Revolution

"Equal Reality is transformational, shifting people’s perceptions and helping to create better workplaces, better communities."

Rhonda Brighton-Hall

CEO - MWAH. Making Work Absolutely Human

"They jump back, step away, they gasp, they try to find their voice, they ask to be included, and when dismissed, they physically shrink.
And when they can’t do any of those things – the learning sticks and the real conversations begins."

Daniel Breda

Virtual Reality Artist

"An enlightening experience. Using this application has enabled me to identify examples of unconscious bias in general life, where i had previously unknowingly overlooked it."

Amy Louise

Disability Advocate

"An eye opening experience! This program really puts you in other people's shoes. It has the potential to revolutionise work place relations."

Lydia Hascott

Community Manager - Remarkable Inclusive Tech

"Training more powerful than ever before. Users can now literally walk in someone else's shoes and see through their eyes."

Aidan McDonald

Student - Warners Bay High

"As a teenager going for a job in 2 months, this is something that I could use to help me along the way (plus it's a VR app, so it is fun to practice)."


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Domain Commonwealth Bank Macquarie Bank Kingwood & Mallesons Procter and Gamble
Booz Allen Hamilton GSK BCG Exxon Mobil Service Now
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Valdo State University Lake Michigan College Southern New Hampshire University Georgian College Charles Darwin University
Colorado College Australian Department Of Defence State Farm Douglas Partners Astra Zeneca
NTUC Income Thales Symetra Woodside Watermark
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MIT Forbes Google YCombinator Startup School Singularity University
Tech Crunch Cerebral Palsy Alliance Optus Advnaced Queensland Queensland State Government
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