The business case for immersive learning

Inequity, exclusion, and other forms of unresolved conflict damages workplace culture, impacting broader relationships with internal and external customers. Often a result of empathy deficits, negative effects of conflict can include work disruptions, project failures, absenteeism, employee complaints, regulatory exposure and frequent turnover.

With critical emotional intelligence skills development in mind, we use cutting-edge immersive technologies including Virtual Reality.

By heightening learner experiences, one’s intuition, knowledge retention and efficacy is improved by 75% when compared with traditional and online learning methods.

An effective way to change behavior

Our VR learning experiences allow you to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” You can learn what it is like to experience discrimination or inappropriate behavior, and identify bias when you see it.

You can also practice making decisions in real time, and rehearse challenging conversations (like management performance reviews, breaking bad news, difficult conversations) by experiencing the situation from the perspective of multiple people.

Following a proven sequence of perspective taking, recognition, interruption, and support, make attitude and behaviour change sticky.

People grow to make better choices for the inclusion and development of others.